CQP Racquet Lava Grey
CQP Racquet Lava Grey

CQP Racquet Lava Grey

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CQP was born from a passion for great design and a desire to create outstanding products of the highest quality. Everything branded CQP is designed entirely in-house from the ground up and crafted without compromise.

The RACQUET is the unlined icon. Launched in 2015, it was one of the first deconstructed and unlined sneakers. Carefully tweaked over the years, and still among the softest and most comfortable sneakers you can find. The sneaker is crafted using the finest materials, with the soft upper stitched to a supportive sole.


+ Handmade in Portugal
+ Deconstructed, semi-lined
+ Micro fiber heel lining
+ Margom sole (Italy)
+ Suede from Opera (Italy)
+ Several layers of cushioning; leather shank board and arch support
+ Removable inner sole